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Ships update idea

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      Not sure how complicated this would be… but what would be really awesome (and probably reduce print time and material) for the ships:

      would there be a way to split the ship into vertical layers, and incorporate the interior decks into the main model.

      – i.e. lower deck would comprise the main hull and interior level, rather than being solid.
      – upper deck and gunwale are a separate layer that sits on top of this
      – rear and fore cabins are a 3rd layer
      – rest stays the same

      With the decks already designed as separate parts, maybe this would be pretty easy to pull off?
      I assume it would also cut the print times way down.

      As it would entail some work obviously, I would be happy to re-buy the ships to add this feature as an upgrade.


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      Nicholas Jebson

      It’s a good idea Mrebivens. currently, the deck levels are slightly larger than the ships themselves as they were blown up for ease of gaming, as they were just meant to be representations of the different deck levels of the ships. We will have a look at whether this is something that we can incorporate into any ships we do in the future and look at the difficulties of adding them to the old ships. Don’t expect a result in the near future but we will certainly look into it.

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