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Separate materials for multicolour printing?

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      Asger Blekinge


      I am currently printing the Hermits tower.

      Hermit’s Tower

      I would like to print the wooden sections with brown filament and the stone sections with grey filament. This would be easy for all pieces, except

      Especially for Hermit-Tower-Lv1-Pt1-v1.0.stl, could you produce two different models, one with the wooden parts and one with the stone parts. I have tried to cut the sections apart in blender, but it is a lot of work, so I thought that the original designers might be able to do it simpler.

      And no, I do not expect a removable platform or anything like this. Just something like the internal stairs that must be glued in place

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Asger, great idea! we will add it to the updates as it is something we can look into in the future, though as the focus is on the current release schedule and separating them would take a decent time commitment it won’t be in the direct future.

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      Asger Blekinge

      Thanks for the reply. And this was the answer I expected.
      And exactly the Ruins of Shadowfey would probably NOT be the right place to start with multi-colour printing, as there is so much litter and junk on the bases, which would be impossible to render in the right colours.

      Some of the cleaner non-ruin structures would probably benefit more from multi-colour.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Indeed, like the trees and roads

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