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Sacturay-17 Command Center Build

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      Is there any place that gives a list of how many pieces are need to complete the entire complex? It is a lot of pieces and wondering if there is a list put there.


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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Legions, no we haven’t got one up but it is something we will be looking to do. We had a tendency to re-use sections as more of the stretch goals became available so even I am not 100% certain how many of each bit would be needed, and I made them XD!

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      Well have some customers that have purchased this and kind of time consuming figuring out which items to print to build just off of the one composite picture…and one of the examples is not even in the picture. I will try and compile a list if I can. Probably just pull this item off of my website. Thanks for the puzzle XD

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      Are there build guides? If not, they would be a welcome addition.

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