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Ruined Wall Problems with small roots

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      I am currently Printing the Ruined Walls and face some problems when printing the small roots.
      Here are my settings at first.
      Hier mal ein paar Infos:

      Printer: Ender 5 with MicroSwiss all Metall Hotend
      Fillament: 3dJake White PLA
      Line Height: 0.2
      Line Width: 0.4
      Temp: 210°C
      Bed: 50°C
      PrintSpeed walls 40 mm/s
      PrintSpeed Infill 80 mm/s
      Retraction: 3.5 mm, 35 mm/s

      For some reason at the same part of the model the strange behavior occurred. At other places of the model the roots print fine but not all. Did you have a suggestions what could lead to the problem? The other parts of the thing prints fine. It seems like under extrusion but I am not sure specially since it occur every time on the same place and at other places it prints without a problem. When It is under extrusion do you have a tipp how I can get rid of the problem?
      I am still new to 3d Printing so I hope someone can help me.

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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      It looks like it might be melting or underextruding or over-retracting. I would investigate those things first.

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