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Ruined vs Regular Winterdale Models Segments

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      R. Greg Szrama

      I’ve been working with this idea that I’d print two copies of each Winterdale building – the standard version and the ruined version. Insted of filament pins I’ve been using 2mm x 5mm barrel magnets. On some of the models I’ve addedd additional holes for magnets to stabilize them. My thought was that I could swap out ruined portions of the buildings for non-ruined portions, either to represent battle damage, construction, what have you. What I’m finding though is that while most the models have the same or simlar numbers of pieces between the two versions, they’re often cut into different sizes. For example, the Tavern has four pieces on each floor for the regular model, and four on the bottom with three on the top for the ruined variant. Even so, I can’t just swap out one corner of the ruined variant for the regular variant because the sizing is different.

      Would it be feasible to go over some of these models and re-cut them to be the same dimensions between the standard and ruined variants? Or at least to give attention to that in future ruined models?

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