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Ruined Quarter Printing Issues

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      Hey there, love the designs but I’m a newer 3d printer hobbyist and was hoping for some advice. We have a Flashforge Finder which I believe is a more entry level printer, but I’ve been having issues with the ruined quarter STLs compared to more simple/free STLs ive found across the internet. Basically what I keep running into is that the printer will at some point throughout print stop feeding filmanet, leaving me with an incomplete print somewhere a long the entire print. Could there be any settings that I need to change to help prevent this from happening? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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      Mike Los

      Interesting problem you’re having there.
      To help diagnose the problem, could you please post some screenshots of your slicer settings?
      If its skipping a layer or two it could be due to the filament or the nozzle youre using but I always try to see if its a software issue first.

      Is it happening at the same point on every print, even if theyre different designs? If so it could be an issue with the slicer or the printer.

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