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Ruined Blacksmith

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      Finally getting around to making some passes on painting my terrain. Here’s the Ruined Blacksmith after 2 passes. Based in black with a grey over coat on the base, Brown with a light brown overcoat on the roof. Did 1 pass of dry-brush with white-ish stone color. Still a lot of detail missing that needs to be added but I have about 15 more buildings to paint so only have time for some quick blocking at the moment.

      Hop it gives you some inspiration / lets you know how clean these print off.

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      Nice. Hopefully you will have time to go back and distress it at some point. It looks great for the table and I’m sure the players will like it. 🙂

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      Looking good.

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      If you’re short for time have you considered doing the “burnt out building” look? All you got to do is get the outside looking ok then take to the inside and bits of the outside with a heavy dry brush of black.
      Quick and effective.

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