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roof printing

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      can anyone with experience comment on how long it takes to print a roof. I’ve just sliced the simplehouseroof v1.2 using cura at 0.2 with 5% infill for my ender3 and it comes out at 1 day 11 hours. Is that right if so can I cut the model into 2 parts?

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      The simple house roof took me a little over 27 hours to print, at 0.2 layer height and 50 mm/s.

      For the townhouse, each part is between 12 and 15 hours at the same specs, and there are 4 pieces.

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      36 hours at 0.18 on a taz 6. It estimated 31 hours.

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      Yes I printed these off (sliced in Cura) at 31 hours.

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      Something I have just noticed is that the corner tiles on the roof models are the wrong way around. The tiles underlap the ones below, whereas they should overlap to keep the rain out.

      It isn’t hugely noticeable – I only did because of the way I was painting with my brush strokes from the top down. Worked wonderfully for the surfaces of the tiles, and then didn’t work so well on the corners.

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