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Rise of the Halflings – How to connect pieces?

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      Michael Rubbo

      I just got a 3D printer and got the Rise of the Halflings Kickstarter, and I’ve just printed my first Hillock Homestead. I love it so much, but I don’t know how to connect the pieces together. I’ve seen there are openlock clips for other sets, but I just see small holes in the sides between the pieces here, and I was wondering what I’m missing. I’ve tried searching the forums and online in general and haven’t found anything. Please help! Thanks again. This is gorgeous stuff.

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      Mike Los

      Hi Michael,

      They do require a little assembly. Those little holes you’ll find are the same diameter as standard PLA filament (1.75mm) so you can cut short lengths of spare filament to act as a pin to secure the two pieces together. I glue in a short piece of filament, then once the glue is dry trim it to the correct depth for the corresponding hole on the other piece, typically they only need to be 3-4mm in length. You’ll still need to glue the parts of the building together, which we recommend using super glue.

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