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    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    We use a Form 2 for resin printing, which seems remarkably good and reliable for small printing at great detail. The resin and tanks for it are rather expensive however. What resin printers do people use for quality that are economical for miniature figurines and the like.

    I have tested the Slash OL: the interface is buggy and very manual, the pieces don’t fit together well and haven’t had a good print yet.


    For mini figures and monsters, my son has a Peopoly Moai. We have used the peopoly resin in grey, clear and white. We have started experimenting with mixing the Nex resin with the standard resin for a less brittle finish. We also have the Tough resin which we have not tested yet. The great thing about the Peopoly is it can use just about any SLA resin. They have settings on their website. The quality is great at a significantly less price than the Form 2. The resin is $55 – $60 per liter.

    For terrain we use my Prusa MK3S and his Ender 3 Pro with Sunlu PLA Plus which was just on sale at Amazon for just over $12 per kg (Prime day).

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    I have been using a SparkMaker FHD and very happy with the results. Once you get past all the online tension and poop customer service, that is.

    If I had my time over after reviews and ‘tubes I’ve watched, I’d invest in a Photon. My buddy has one and every aspect of it is on point. The price, the resin, the print bed size, the noise, everything.

    Tl;dr. SparkMaker for me but Photon > most others.

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