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      Nick Abell

      Does anyone know how well these do on a resin printer? I’m sure the walls and floors would do okay, but not sure on the clips

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      Nicholas Jebson

      You get some amazing details in the walls, we sometimes do a Resin and FDM print of certain pieces when we are checking the detail (like with the Clorehaven Storefronts) but i have yet to try printing a clip. It would lose some of the springyness that the PLA gives it. We may have to run an experiment

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      the clips work fine in engineering resin at least. not much flex but enough to be effective. haven’t broken one yet.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      is Engineering resin much more expensive than your normal resin? and do you have to make any changes to your printer for it (like add anything to the reservoir to stop it setting?)

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      It is a good printer.

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      Figured I’d jump on this thread.
      I have a resin printer and I was trying to print out the Grotto Floors, but they seem excessively HUGE!
      Are they intended to be scaled down? If so how much would I scale them down for DnD?

      Sorry for the noob questions.

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