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Rescaling Rampage?

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      Some of my players have minis with larger bases.
      Will rescaling tiles/walls to 1.25″ or 32mm result in any problems? Will the clips still work (after resizing them too)?

      I understand that only rescaling x/y would result in some stretching of wall features.

      Also, are there any pictures of actual prints of the “Rough Stone Floors” – all the pictures on the product page look like renders?

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      We’ve done this sort of rescaling with the fantasy football pitch and it still works well with scaling up the clip and the tiles.

      Fantasy Football Pitch

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      Personaly I prefer to rescale the rampage range by +20% on x/y/z . It allows minis next to each other and avoids issues with weapons and such touching the walls. It still looks great. Actually, by upscaling the system the doors etc. seem to scale better with based miniatures. On the downside it eats up more filament and takes up a bit more space. I guess it’s a matter of preference. I like the sturdy feel of the larger tiles.

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      Load STL into Meshmixer. Use the “T” command. Adjust the Size X, Size Y, Size Z and click accept. You can click the Uniform Scaling button if you want one axis change to automatically update the other ones. Then simply export the model. Done.

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      • This reply was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by Gnomeinbrain.
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