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Rampage Pyramids

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      Brian Etty

      I would like to see a Sand Stone style Rampage Pyramids were we could build Egyptian and Mesoamerican style pyramids and items.

      Not sure if this available with the given sets but I don’t think so.

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      Mike Melander

      I requested the same thing only I want more 3-D angled type pyramid buildings where you remove the layers and have pathways and crypts. I already created some walls and corners and other Egyptian style sandstone designs for single layer buildings and a lot of Egyptian drop stuff. Take a look if you are interested. I think Printable Scenery has had quite a few requests in this area, so maybe we will see this.

      Mine, of course,. are extremely expensive. Joking, they are free.

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      Brian Etty

      Those look pretty good.

      I really want the larger stone base though. Along with what you are looking for to create the angled sections. Maybe even some hieroglyphics on them.

      Lain Lovecraft has some good Mesoamerican pieces on MyMiniFactory but they are not modular at all.

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      Wow, this is an awesome idea. I’ll add it to my list of ideas.

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