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Rampage Curve Walls

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      Hey folks, I need your help.

      I purchased a bunch of the rampage settings for my campaign and would love to add some circular rooms. Now please be aware that I edit the files so I can use my magnetic tiles.


      My setup consists mainly of 2×2, as it allows me the most flexibility, instead of using larger tiles. Sadly the only added curve wall is too large and all my attempts so far either yielded in the 2×2 being too large (ergo no more 2×2, more like 2.5) or the wall being too slim to look nice against the others parts.
      In other words: help please! 😀

      I would have loved a “smooth” 2×2 wall and one with a bone theme like the one that is already included.

      If you can help please let me know if the above makes sense and if you need anything else. I attached the “too large curve wall” that I mean and the two “fitting” walls for reference that I would love as curved versions <3

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      Are you using wall-on-tile or wall-next-to-tile? (i.e. does your 2×2 base include the wall or is the wall next to your tile?)
      If the wall is next to the tile, then the 2×2 curved (F) tile fits perfectly next to the included curved (G) wall.

      Since you’re editing your tiles, you could just cut the top of the straight wall off and put a curve modifier on it.

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      Hi there,

      it should look like this in the end, but that does not work as the size of the one existing curve (sadly really just one) is too large. 🙁

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      So, of course you are right that by sticking it to the edge it fits and that’s what it is meant to do when using the dragon lock.
      I’ve attached some screenshots from S3D and how I use my tiles however. Since I am not very good with Blender, I ponder how to tackle this issue.

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      Am I correct in assuming that you’re not planning to use side-clips on these curved walls?

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      Sorry for the late reply. Correct, I use magnet bases instead of the clips.
      I’m aware how it works, though it does not allow me to use it that way, as seen above.

      Ego I’m kindly asking if anyone would be capable of editing or adding another curved wall that would fit as above.

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      Whelp, there was no help nor any interest from the printable scenery people so I used other walls even though they do not look nice with the theme.
      For me a deal breaker, by the way.

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