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Rampage Castle Essentials

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      Hello everyone,
      I off and on run a game of D&D and I like to have terrain for my combat- encounters. For that purpose I bought the complete rampage castle set. Now the sheer number of the files in that set is a bit overwhelming. So I was wondering if somebody can give me some tips on what would be some good rampage castle essentials… you know for the big first print run?

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      Brian Etty

      I felt the same way. I have both Rampage Castle and Dungeons and its HUGE. I just really started to dive into that system though after watching the official YouTube channel and watching the host build a keep and tower so effortlessly that looked great.

      My big thing is now I am looking for a place that has patterns for buildings or dungeon blocks as I think that will help not only me but others get into it much easier.

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      I found this here: they have some rampage tiles in there but sadly not all… don’t know if thats something like you were looking for .

      Which youtube video do youmean?

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      Brian Etty

      Ah yes, I think I follow the creator or support him on Patreon will look into that.

      Also, hoping to see things other people have put together and wish there was a way to blueprint them.

      The official Channel for Printable Scenery

      and the video in question

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