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Rampage castle

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    I bought the rampage castle bundle but can someone give me an idea for a rough print time range and filament estimate to make a decent-sized 4 wall castle with 4 towers and a gate? I put 3 very small wall pieces on my Cura build plate with my fast print mode settings and it said 7 hours, so it appears very daunting.

    Would the Winterdale Bastion and gate system print faster at a lower cost? That said, the flexibility of the Rampage castle to reconfigure is appealing.

    Lastly, any tips on assembling a list of pieces I’d need?

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    Wall pieces (A-Wall) usually take about 2 hours and floor (E-Floor) pieces 1-1.5 hours. I would draw out each level on graph paper or use this.

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