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Printing profiles


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      What profiles is everyone using to print? I’ve adapted Seipei’s profile linked on the 3d printed tabletop website to the monoprice select mini v2. Tom Tulis’ profile from fat dragon games I’ve heard is really good but I haven’t had time to test it out yet.

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      I personally use the Terrain profile from Fat Dragon Games, and it’s printing wonderfully on my Ender 3 with Cura. I would differently recommend it.

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      Do you typically have supports turned on? If so which support settings would you recommend?

      I also use the Cura 3/5 ender profile from FDG but haven’t really messed around with supports before.

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      Fern Campbell

      I’ve been trying the FDG profile for the last day or so, but I’m finding that it goes a little too fast to print some things like columns. I know that’s probably also adhesion, but I’ve had to slow it down a fair bit. I’ve also added on a brim, for the same reasons. Some pieces definitely seem to be better printed with more detail though, so generally my default layer height is 1.2. I use the 0.2 for quicker printing of lower detailed items, and 0.08 when I really need it.

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      Fern Campbell

      I should mention, it’s the terrain one I’m using. I also had tiles fail when printing them, and I suspect it was the 5% infill that did it – I usually use 10-20%

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      @Fern, do you have a profile for the Ender ? I have a Prusa and an Ender and cant get the ender quite dialed in

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