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Priming Models


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    AvatarJosh Hardman

    What type of paint do people use to prime the models? I’ve heard filler primer can be pretty good?

    On a side note, I’m having issues with my prints showing layers after priming. I assume that I need to give them a good sand down first?

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    I’ve been using Citadel paints to paint my models, but recently started searching for a cheaper base coat/primer.

    I picked up with some Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic ( in Netural Grey and Mars Black over the weekend.
    I am really happy with the coverage the black gives, even on white filament. The grey is so-so; it needs 2 coats.

    I print most of the time with 0.1mm layer height and almost never sand the models. I’ll post some pics here once I get home.


    I use Vallejo Black Primer Acrylic. It works well, but you need a cheap airbrush. For paints, there is an army painter set of 50 colors on sale at Amazon for less than $100. Far exceeds Citadel paints for the price.

    Sam CampbellSam Campbell

    We use a Rustoleom matt black primer for most models and coloured army painter primer leather Brown for Elven Terrain recently.


    No experience yet, but I’m planning on priming those scenery pieces with a cheap airbrush, too. They are too big for me to use a brush. And I’m not sure about trying a spray can on them.
    As for painting, I use Vallejo and Army Painter colors – no problem on plastic, metal or resin minis, so I don’t expect one here.


    +1 for Rustoleum Flat Black. It coats well, never gums up and is half the price of anything the game companies make. That said, I’m a convert to the “get it done fast” style of painting and I’ve begun using Army Painter colored primers to get base coats done at the same time as priming.


    Home depot .99 flat black paint is my main primer. Slightly filling but does not over do it.
    I also use HotRod Gray sandable primer from the autoparts store for my gray base coat on my dungeon tiles.


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