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Priming Models


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      Josh Hardman

      What type of paint do people use to prime the models? I’ve heard filler primer can be pretty good?

      On a side note, I’m having issues with my prints showing layers after priming. I assume that I need to give them a good sand down first?

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      I’ve been using Citadel paints to paint my models, but recently started searching for a cheaper base coat/primer.

      I picked up with some Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic ( in Netural Grey and Mars Black over the weekend.
      I am really happy with the coverage the black gives, even on white filament. The grey is so-so; it needs 2 coats.

      I print most of the time with 0.1mm layer height and almost never sand the models. I’ll post some pics here once I get home.

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      I use Vallejo Black Primer Acrylic. It works well, but you need a cheap airbrush. For paints, there is an army painter set of 50 colors on sale at Amazon for less than $100. Far exceeds Citadel paints for the price.

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      We use a Rustoleom matt black primer for most models and coloured army painter primer leather Brown for Elven Terrain recently.

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      No experience yet, but I’m planning on priming those scenery pieces with a cheap airbrush, too. They are too big for me to use a brush. And I’m not sure about trying a spray can on them.
      As for painting, I use Vallejo and Army Painter colors – no problem on plastic, metal or resin minis, so I don’t expect one here.

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      +1 for Rustoleum Flat Black. It coats well, never gums up and is half the price of anything the game companies make. That said, I’m a convert to the “get it done fast” style of painting and I’ve begun using Army Painter colored primers to get base coats done at the same time as priming.

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      Home depot .99 flat black paint is my main primer. Slightly filling but does not over do it.
      I also use HotRod Gray sandable primer from the autoparts store for my gray base coat on my dungeon tiles.

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