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Polytheistic Temples/Churches

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      So am still kind of new to the 3D Printed Terrain community so if this has been brought up before I apologies. What I think would be a nice addition to our TTRPG scenery would be pantheons. or more simply a building with multiple alters arranged in a ring allowing the worship of multiple deities in one place. The Pantheon of Rome is a good example of this Idea.

      For large temples it could be a addon to the cathedral set that allows for the addition of side alters as was common in certain areas. But for medium or small pantheons I think the monolithic printed buildings would possibly be a better fit. Maybe use some design elements from Baptisteries for the smaller buildings, while the larger “medium” size ones could be based on the side alter arrangement similar to Chuny Abby in France.

      I’d love some new inkjet printable stain glass windows with a few generic gods and goddesses, or maybe some reliefs of the same deities to go with any new sets.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Interesting. It is definitly something that we can keep in mind with the next few sets. Who knows, one of them may or may not involve a large pantheon…

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