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Please update the roofs for Winterdale buildings

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      Kris Kapsner

      I just received an email that the Winterdale 2 Townhouse has been updated. I looked through the list of updates and the roof is still not updated.

      I would greatly appreciate a “rework” of the roof for those Winterdale buildings so that they can be printed with no supports on the shingles. I feel it wouldn’t take a ton of work to go through the roof and fill in the undercut areas that don’t print without supports. All that needs to be done is a fill in for those undercut areas and the buildings would be fine. As things sit at this time, I’m unable to print those buildings because I don’t want to go through and put supports all over the roofline.

      Is this something that can be done?

      It’s in reference to this building and others from the same line:

      Winterdale 2 Townhouse

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