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Please: Changelog included in download

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      AvatarAsger Blekinge


      As you already include other non-essential files in the downloads, such as the reference picture, it would be very nice if the changelog and description from the webpage would also be available.

      Right now, when I have a version 1.3 printed and a version 1.6 zip, I still have to go to the webpage to figure out what have been changed. So please include the changelog in the zip.

      If you want to make me very happy, please also include the nice pictures of the painted models in the zip file. This way, it will be easier for me to recognize what each download represent.

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      Hi Asger,

      Thats a very good idea, I’ll pass it onto the team to look at implementing for the future.
      We’re always looking to improve our products and appreciate your thoughts!

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