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Phrozon Sonic Mini

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      Nicholas Jebson

      i’m awaiting delivery of a new Phrozon Sonic Mini, and want to hear if anyone here has any experience with it? Is it fairly intuitive to use?

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      I have been using a any cubic photon for very detailed parts and two ender 5s for routine terrain prints. I end up dry brushing resin and curing it for the ender prints to get rid of layer lines. Both options seem to work well.
      I have been thinking of getting a 4 K as I downscale all of my minis… So the extra resolution I would assume would help. Anyways, let me know how your experience is. I am curious.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I have enjoyed it immensely. Still getting used to properly orienting the models on the buildplate which has led to some models breaking off their supports. Its super quick so I have been able to do multi-part models in a day or so (like the Raging Heroes Owl rider from their fairies line).

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      Leto Atreides

      I don’t have experience with this particular printer, but from the looks of it, its not much different in principle or operation than any of the other MSLA printers (Elegoo, Anycubic, SL1, etc…)

      In general I would say they are pretty straight forward to use, but they can be messy.

      I would recommend buying a “lunch tray” like this:

      A pickle container like this:

      If you have an FDM I recommend printing:
      (You will need a UV lamp for that ^)

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