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Phrozon Sonic Mini

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      i’m awaiting delivery of a new Phrozon Sonic Mini, and want to hear if anyone here has any experience with it? Is it fairly intuitive to use?

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      I have been using a any cubic photon for very detailed parts and two ender 5s for routine terrain prints. I end up dry brushing resin and curing it for the ender prints to get rid of layer lines. Both options seem to work well.
      I have been thinking of getting a 4 K as I downscale all of my minis… So the extra resolution I would assume would help. Anyways, let me know how your experience is. I am curious.

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      I have enjoyed it immensely. Still getting used to properly orienting the models on the buildplate which has led to some models breaking off their supports. Its super quick so I have been able to do multi-part models in a day or so (like the Raging Heroes Owl rider from their fairies line).

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