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Painting Tutorials/Color Schemes Suggestions

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      I’ve been browsing the site for as many painting tutorials as I can get my hands on, because I sure would like to know how some of the shown models got from printed to painted in such exquisite fashion. As nearly as I can tell, the available ones are:

      Speed paint Bone Necromancer Tiles [Video]
      Speed painting the Dwarven Mines [Video]
      Speed Painting 3D Printed Dungeon Tiles – quickly [Video/Knowledgebase]
      Painting Guide: The Temple of the Damned [Knowledgebase]
      A guide to wooden, stone and castle floor effects [Knowledgebase]
      Preparing and dry-brushing the stone barn [Knowledgebase]
      A Simple Way to Paint the Maori Pa and other Scenery [Knowledgebase]
      Creating Debris for Scenery [Knowledgebase]

      Some of them, however, are scattered:
      The Lighthouse [embedded in product page]
      Tribal Tower [embedded in product page]

      1. Can we get those videos embedded in the product pages and any others like them added to the videos page? I know they’re videos from other Youtube channels, but it is maybe possible to work with these channels to do this? I really like these videos and having them centralized is really helpful.
      2. Can we get more of these videos in general? There are so many gorgeous looking models in the PS catalog with paint schemes that I would like to try and emulate (looking at you, Library of Ithillia), but maybe need a little guidance on.
      3. Can we also get more in article form? The Temple of the Damned tutorial is very handy and I would like more of them.


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      Just wanted to second this request. Thanks!

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      Look at the Citadel paint system to get some inspiration. They have a very nice app that helps you to choose the right paint/shade/etc.
      Here’s a link to a great visual guide as to how to achieve certain visuals by layering/drybrushing:

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