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Paint scheme for the grotto

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      Hi, I was just looking for some pointers on the paint scheme for the grotto. I really like the look they have in the previews in the store – any ideas on what paints to use?

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      I went with shades of brown for my grotto pieces. I probably went a little overboard, but I think they look pretty nice. 🙂

      I based with Krylon Cocoa Bean. (This color is also great for any ‘wood’ pieces with deep recesses for a dark brown shadow)
      I brushed some Liquitex BASICS Burnt Umber into the spots that were missed/thin/unreachable with the spray can (covering the grey PLA).
      I did a fairly heavy overbrush of FolkArt Coffee Latte. (lighter tan color)
      Then finished it off with a drybrush of Liquitex BASICS Unbleached Titanium. (off-white/beige)
      I may go over some spots on the floors/walls with a Liquitex gloss medium for a shiny “wet” look.

      I’m still trying to decide how I want to do the water pools on the F1/F2 floors. Suggestions?

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      To do the Grotto piece we prime in Black, and dry brush subsequent layers in Army Painter Oak Brown, Leather Brown and Arid Earth.

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      Thanks, I will give both of the options a try,!

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      I wanted a more southwestern US but still moist look, so I based in Satin Terracotta Spray Fusion, and then dusted (hold spray can 15-18 inches away for a single pass) of ultra flat dark green from the camouflage collection then dry brushed over that with craftsmart espresso. It made for a really nice look and so far every player comments on the uniqueness of it.

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