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Overhang Issues from Printing Openlock

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      I’ve started printing the Rampage System of walls and floors and noticed that the overhand for the area that receives the clips is significant enough that my printer cant handle it, the plastic melts into the crevice and causes it to bow downwards. Besides using supports, is there any way to overcome that issue since the tiny posts that are supposed to hold it together seem VERY fragile.

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      I had a quick look at the reference files and the biggest distance between supports is about 6.5mm. That should be printable without sagging without issues.
      Which slicer are you using? I’d highly recommend PrusaSlicer as it has some great features. (I’m using it with my Anycubic i3 Mega.)

      Bridges should be printed slow with maximum cooling. PrusaSlicer detects the bridges and has configurable options to crank the fan speed to max and slow down the print speed. I just printed a few 100mm(!) bridges with almost no sagging.

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