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Other Transition Tiles

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      Thanks for making the transitions from the various tile sets to the grotto, it helps to add flow between scenes.

      I was wondering if it would be possible to also make transitions directly between the various tile sets, rather than going through the grotto… like Mine to Quarry, or Schist to Sewer, etc…


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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      The Dungeon transitions was designed for non OpenLOCK parts like the goblin grotto to connect to transition OpenLOCK pieces. The mine to Quarry and Schist to sewer pieces can be directly plugged in.

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      Right, I was meaning something more like a tile that phased from one texture to the other in a less abrupt way… like an S wall and an E floor that was half-ish one texture, and half-ish the other to make a smoother change from one environment to the next.

      Completely and utterly unnecessary, just aesthetically pleasing 🙂 But no worries, fine as is.


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