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      We’re looking at updating OpenLOCK in the next month or so, so we are keen on suggestions, ideas and feedback.

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      Sounds great Sam, I have done a few custom pieces just to fit things into ship hulls, not sure if they are needed. Also, larger curved corridors and rooms. I am happy to custom build everything if needed though.

      It might be neat to be able to keep rooms completely circular instead of having to add tiles in between for passageways.

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      Mike Melander

      Hey I have done a ton of scatter designs for my campaigns and make my own designs and that includes quite a few terrain pieces with openLOCK. It is all free on Thingiverse. I have a ton of downloads as it is so I won’t push it here and will remain anonymous. So I am constantly thinking of designs that I would like to make or have made. Since I have a job that is unrelated I don’t have time to create all the things I would like. So here goes a few ideas:
      1) Open Bazaar with interconnected stalls or sales areas. I am sure you can think of all the magic and armor and food and other items that you could have that could be easily interconnected in a Medieval Bazaar
      2) Shops of all types.
      3) More emphasis on interconnected tunnels going in all directions. I created stackable sewer tiles, but I am sure you can get quite a few of your own ideas.
      4) More Egyptian themed structures. Imagine a stackable pyramid with different passages and tombs inside.

      I have a list of 60 other items, but this is a start.

      And staying anonymous is a partial joke since I used a portion of my name to purchase a kickstarter from Printable Scenery.

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        Mike Melander

        If you just do a search in Thingiverse with openLOCK at least 5 of the first 12 items shown will be my designs with openLOCK.

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      @Mike, Do you have links to those files?

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      Mike Melander

      I think Jollyjumper you are asking for some links to my designs with openLOCK. I am not going to go through everything I have on the web for free, but just give you some ideas of my work. If you have more questions or desire for more information you can write me in Thingiverse, but here are some links just to give you some ideas of what I have already done.
      A multitude of lava tiles with different textures and designs.
      Egyptian Walls and floors
      Just search melabam on google and you will see many people selling my designs, posting my prints and even stealing my designs.
      Have fun.

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      I would like an official 1″x1.5″ floor tile size. I usually just call mine IIA since it is a combination of an I and an IA half tile.

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      Yeah I’ve started to find the 1.5″ x1″ tiles would be useful, especially in interior buildings with staircases.

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      Yes, and in transitioning from an S-Wall to a regular wall.

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      Bryan Deemer

      I don’t have any concrete examples in front of me, but the few times I’ve tried to recreate some dungeons from D&D books, I’ve run into problems, especially with diagonal walls.

      My recommendation would be to sit down with some dungeon maps and try to build them with the existing parts. If it can’t be done, add the parts necessary to do it.

      Hell, every time they release a new official D&D adventure, I would happily pay for PDFs that show me how to recreate all those dungeons, etc with Rampage tiles. That would be SUPER helpful.

      Also, it would be awesome to update the existing tile sets to include the part number on the bottom. The parts are all so confusing I can’t possibly remember what’s an A, E, O, etc.

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      That’s an excellent suggestion for the part number on the bottom.

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      I’d like to give a shoutout to “TheRooster” on thingverse and his method of making an external print support for his “nowalls” floor tiles. I have lost tiles while attempting to shear the temporary supports off of the current (8.3 gerneration?) rampage walls and tiles. The width of the shears I was using has vertically stressed and even broken the clip pillars, and often what remnants there are of the print supports make using the openlock clips more difficult. With his approach, I usually don’t even need a tool after printing. I have yet to try using the magballs as he suggested.

      However now that I have thrown acid on you, I’d like to back up and thank you for an overall very very well thought out system. 🙂

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        Mike Melander

        Diversion240 are you saying that you need to go to something different because you use sheers that are too long and stress the part? Either you have prints that are bad or you just need to slow down when removing the supports. I am sure that Printable Scenery is thinking the same thing, but because of PR won’t say it.

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      I would like to see some double height walls as standard without the floor connecting section.

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      Sounds interesting, What builds would you use these for?

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      If you’re having clip support problems it’s a good indicator something is wrong with the print quality on the printer. When this happens to me it usually means my printer is out and has to be re-leveled or something other is wrong with the printer. We can always try and diagnose any issues by sending an email to [email protected].

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