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OPENLock and Rustic Wooden Floors Wiggling/Offset

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      Since a picture’s worth a thousand words see pictures linked:

      I’m printing a bunch of Rustic Wooden Floor tiles, they should use the OPENLock clip system.

      This is what they look like printed (side shot):

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      I removed the supports as per the guide:

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      But what happens is that I think the two clips should sit side by side inside the tile like this:

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      They keep sitting offset when I clip a 2nd tile onto it, and the clips end up like this:

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      So the end result my tile looks like this:

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      Where the clips are offset and the tiles aren’t aligned.

      This is my first time using OPENlock and I could use some advice how to fix this.

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      R. Greg Szrama

      The clips are supposed to go between the pillars – so there’s slots for three clips side-by-side if you fill them all. You should usually only need one clip in the center gap. Pop the clips in the right spots and you’ll be good to go! =)

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      Yes. each tile can use 1-3 clips. A clip would be inserted between the pillars. I would recommend looking at the connectors on the side of wall tiles to see what I mean.

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