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Old West


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      Good day,

      ideas for a Old West release, what about :

      1) A church. Probably the first building to be built in a new town !
      2) Blacksmith shop : with a forge, anvil etc…
      3) Undertaker shop: with coffins, wagon and voltures.
      4) Old West train station : with water tower and few rails .

      We could have a complete town !

      Love your models, keep the good work !

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      All great ideas. It’s been a while since we did anything for Wild west.

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      The Old West can also be used for ACW and steampunk or Cuthulu. I’d like to see:

      A Barn
      A windmill
      A modest house
      A “Painted Lady” Victorian house.

      It would also be cool to modify the exiting buildings to make a ghost town.

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      Delaney Anderson

      Also a Hotel, and maybe a 1 story saloon, a gun shop, stables/barn, Water tower, Dance Hall, Generic business with rooms, houses

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      Good day,
      hope everyone is fine.
      here’s some pics of my old west print.

      Any news if any more buildings are coming up for the Old West Town ?



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      Nicholas Jebson

      Wow those are looking great! we have been looking at the collection and thinking it needs expanding, but we don’t have them lined up for a kickstarter in the near future.

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      I really like these models for my 15mm ACW/Old West game. The print without problems, they are sturdy without being too chunky and using too much filament, and they are proper historical models with nice elements for game play — like the bank having a second story balcony or

      One bit of feedback is that the buildings have unnecessary decorations built into the exterior of the model. The bank I just printed, for instance, has wagon wheels, cow skulls, coils of ropes, etc. added and they aren’t removable. For that, matter, it would be great to have NO NAMES OR SIGNS on them so I can add my own. Even better would be a bunch of extra signs I can print and the glue to my models to customize them. Yes, I could do this work in #d Builder or something, but it would be nice to have the options as part of the design process rather than the assumption that I won’t need to re-purpose a building.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      We will add those suggestions to the updates board Safisher, especially the update to the signs.

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