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New to printing – setup for first floor prints (ruined quarters)

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      Hello everyone!

      I finally made the dive into 3D printing after backing Shadowfey back then. I built my Prusa MK3+ this week and already started with a first piece of the ruined quarters set. Finishing the piece I was actually quite happy with it apart from one thing that I didn’t consider: it was a 1rst floor file but I did put it directly on the print sheet. This obviously resulted in the bottom of the model being flat without any of the texture it should have.

      I guess these pieces need some supports below to be able to not printing it directly to the sheet. I didn’t figure out how to configure this in PrusaSlicer though. Any hints?


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      Mike Los

      Gday Julian,

      The Ruined Quarters pieces all print without the need for supports.
      The bottom of the first level pieces are flat so that they can be printed straight onto the buildplate as is.
      Typically when you open an STL into your slicer, however it is oriented is how it should be printed. (At least with Printable Scenery models)

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