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My first use of the gobblin grotto pices — A mushroom cave

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      My adults D&D group went through a mushroom cave last night. It was the first time I put the goblin grotto pieces on the table during a game. I think it turned out nice. Nice design guys!

      Happy I can finally post this. My adults D&D game went through a mushroom cavern last night. Crossed paths with a roper and some ghouls.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Love it! what effect did the Fog have on the PC’s if they were to stray into it?

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      Should you fall or be pulled in to the fog by the ghouls you took 2d6+2 poison damage and had to make a con 15 save or be poisoned for 1 hour. Everyone made their saves. Didn’t hurt I put a few potions of poison resistance in for them a few sessions ago.

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      That is very cool setup. Love the poison clouds.

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