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More ruined wall pieces?

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      I seen under the Q and A for the ruined new eden wall set some talk about possibly finishing the pieces from the non ruined set into the ruined set.
      is that still a possibility?

      I would do damn near anything to have all the parts from the non ruined set in the ruined set as well.
      I have all the ruined set printed off already. I got fancy with cutting off a piece from the gate section to make a small ruined wall piece I connected to one bastion that i mirrored. It got me a whole front wall at least.
      But to have a bastion that gives 2 ways would be stellar. Plus a ruined wall with steps.

      Thanks for any consideration.

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      AvatarNicholas Jebson

      We will see what we can do about that Hapesnova. If its not too big a job it will go in as an update but if it is a bit more engaging it might have to be a kickstarter add-on in the future.

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