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More OpenLock Sets

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      Ronald Rickard

      I am a big fan of the OpenLock system. I have limited room to store large pre-built pieces and being able to print the modular pieces for storage and assemble on game day is a huge plus for me. There are some sets I would love to see:

      OpenLock Wizard Tower – it seems like a lot of the components are there (walls, floors), but making a nice wizard tower out of the existing OpenLock pieces is limited (lack of fancy balconies, external stairs, etc.)
      OpenLock Docks – Just turn the Winterdale Docks into an OpenLock dock set.
      OpenLock Windmill
      More OpenLock Battlements – The Rampage Battlements are nice, but a variety of OpenLock battlement types would be a welcome addition.

      It would be nice to have some GS walls (clips on both sides of the round walls) with a XGS floor piece that can connect an X wall to the GS wall. While we are at it, a XG wall that transitions from a X wall to a G wall and a GX wall to transition from a G wall to a X wall would be great. (There are no X Schist or Tudor walls, just a X castle wall. Minimum, we need a X Schist wall too!) The 3 levels would be:

      level 3 G wall X wall
      level 2 XG wall GX wall
      level 1 X wall G wall

      This way, the round tower can get wider or narrow on subsequent levels. If the jump from G to X is too big for a transition piece, have another curved wall piece that is between the G and X wall. These transition pieces would also allow for an OpenLock Lighthouse.

      Generally converting more of the non-OpenLock sets to OpenLock sets would be great. I know this isn’t possible with everything, but there are several sets that seem like they shouldn’t be too hard to convert.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hmmm, some good suggestions here Ronald. We will add them to the upcoming ideas board and see when we can slot them in. It would be really cool to do some Dwarf or Elven sets in OpenLOCK too.

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        Ronald Rickard

        I would like this as well. Generally any OpenLock sets you create would be welcome.

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      I like these ideas. I may be in the minority in that I like to use S-system mid walls for my interiors, but I would like to see curved S-system mid walls for making curved interior rooms/spiral stair cases, and so on, rather than having to transition from S-walls to edge walls.

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      good one

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