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Modular Battlement Gate Assembly Issues

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      The design and print of this package is awesome. I did come across an issue while printing out and assembling the pieces. The assembly instructions may have left out a piece required. In the assembly instructions it does not mention needing “O-Column-Short-Schist-Battlement-v1.0.stl” in the pieces list nor on the numbered pieces overhead view. I believe this piece is required to be stacked on top of the two #8 pieces “I-Column-Schlist-v1.0” columns shown in the instructions. Otherwise the column is not tall enough to reach the “A-Wall-Schist-Mid-Battlement-w-Crenellation-v1.0.stl” pieces. I have included a pic of the piece in question.

      Would it be possible to update the package and just combine the 3 columns into a single piece with the necessary height? I believe it would make it more stable.

      Thanks, keep up the great work!

      Kevin O

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Kain
      Yes you will need the O column for the top there. we went through and checked and you are right it was unfortunately left out of the assembly instructions. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! We can add the combined column to the list of possible updates,

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      Hey guys, possibly discovered another assembly issue with the bridge above the gate. Instructions and drawing show a #2 AS-RusticStoneFloor-v1.1 at the top of the stairs (see image). The image seems to show a wood grain on the side of that piece but the model does not appear this way. Any idea if you are missing a piece?

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