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Modification to Brig


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      I wanted to see if a small modification could be made to the Brig 2.0. At the back of ship the two gun ports are too close together. Can they be moved further apart? Also, I cut away some of the railing on the top deck to provide space for other guns. Possibly another change there.

      Hopefully the attachment uploads and you can see what I mean about the gun ports being too close. Otherwise a fantastic model. I printed it out at 110% (If I remember correctly).

      Keep up the good work. I love your files.

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      Mike Los

      I can see what you mean with the rear most 2 gun ports being next to eachother. I think because of the design of the decking you would either fit those 2 next to eachother or only have 1 port back there.
      I will pass on your feedback for when we look at our list of model updates.

      Thanks for sharing, your model looks great!

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