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Making more use of OpenLock

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      I don’t know about everyone else, but when I’m gaming (be it RPG or tabletop war games), one of my biggest gripes with terrain of any kind is that it stays securely where it is placed. The various forms of tile locking systems (including OpenLock) have gone a long way towards making modular “dungeon” tiles more securely held together, allowing larger sections to be assembled, moved, and placed with relative ease.

      However, I wonder why the same approach is not taken with more “scenic” terrain pieces. Sure, the old “post and hole” system works ok for stacking levels of a building when they are just sitting there on a shelf. Honestly, however, this method isn’t terribly secure, especially when you have to move 2 or more levels at a time (I’m looking at you, towering structures like the Lighthouse, Wizard and Sorcerer towers, and the Ironhelm Fortress). Is there some reason not to use OpenLock clips to secure these levels to one another? It would seem that the use of clips for this purpose would not only align the levels correctly (which is mostly what the “post and hole” system offers), but also add much greater stability to the structures.


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      One of the largest consideration would be the walls would need to be a lot thicker for top locking click system to house the structure for the ports. Whilst this is all right for some of the thicker walled pieces, others it doesn’t work for at the moment.

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      I must be printing all the thick walled stuff then, as it seems like nearly everything I’ve printed seems like it would be able to support it (with maybe the exception of roof structures).

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