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Making landscapes for winterdale

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      I’ve been finding my winterdale table looking a bit flat, so I’ve been messing around with making little hills to put the buildings on just to make it pop a bit more.
      I thought I’d share the love and give a quick rundown of what I did.

      Materials needed: polystyrene, good quality pva glue, oak brown paint, dungeon grey paint, ash grey paint, sand, bark chips, flock.
      Do not use spray paint on these.

      First step: Cut out a roundish looking hill shape from a piece of one inch thick polystyrene. Then trace the shape of the bark chips on to the top edge of the hill. Using a sharp knife cut out the shape of the the bark. Using plenty of pva, glue the bark on to the ledge you created. Use small bits of polystyrene to fill in the gaps between the edge of the hill and the bark. Once the glue is dry cut shallow horizontal groves into the side of it.

      Second step: Mix the Oak Brown paint with the sand. Using this mixtre paint just the polystyrene parts of the hill. Paint the bark black then dry brush the whole hill including the bark with the Dungeon Grey, then lightly with Ash Grey.

      Third step: Give the bits of hill that you want to have grass on a good coating of PVA and sprinkle on your choice of flock. Use the flock to hide the gaps between the bark and the polystyrene.

      I find that using different textures and colours of flock really makes these things look next level.

      All the paints used are by Army Painter, follow the link to see step by step pics on how I did this.

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      Very nice indeed

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