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Looking to Buy New Printer

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      Hi all,

      So, as a 3D printing addict like so many others here, I need to invest in a new printer.

      I already have a Snapmaker 2.0, which is amazing and an absolute beast once it’s setup correctly – I’m just not sure I want to sink $2k into a second printer (or maybe more than one).

      Here’s my wish list:

      1) Large format
      2) Auto-leveling

      That’s really it. At the moment I’m only printing with PLA and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

      A resin printer is already on the horizon so not looking for that option.

      Any ideas on what I should be looking at would be greatly appreciated.



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      I should have added….

      3) Heated bed
      4) Magnetic bed (not a deal breaker)

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      The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m describing my printer.

      I think I’ll add more of those to the stable. 🙂

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      Kevin Walker

      Maybe I’ll have to experiment more with my A350 SM2 then. I pretty much consigned it to Laser and CnC use occasionally as after a number of weeks I couldn’t get it dialed in as well as my Ender3 or CR 6SE. I was also having big warping problems even with a wide attached brim and 1st layer warping whenever I went over about a 5 inch by 5 inch area.

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      A couple of things I discovered:

      1) I ended up buying a new build plate from them. It makes no sense but mine was a dud !?
      2) I discovered that everything went much better when I printed on a raft. Yeah, it adds a ton of time to the print but it works perfectly every time. I use it on pretty much everything except the OpenLock clips.
      3) It’s better to set the Z-axis a little tighter than recommended. I use .05mm.

      I use .16 layer height (Normal). There’s a download in the forums for the Cura settings recommended by the company.

      It really is a workhorse/beast once you get it right. I’ve had mine running pretty much 24/7 for the last month and it’s still going strong. I absolutely love mine. 🙂

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