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Layer pins

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      Any chance the pin and hole system can be updated to work a bit better, it’s not very fun trying to get the tiny pins into the tiny holes when stacking the buildings. Almost impossible to do without picking both up.

      Either holes for magnets or larger pins and holes would be perfect

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      Brian Etty

      I did find this to be a bit more annoying then some of the other pins from other products like the lighthouse. I am thinking I might snip the pins and drill them in to put some good magnets there to compensate.

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      Mike Los

      We are working on new locking pins for these models and will have updated versions out as soon as possible

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      The new longhouse model appears to have a larger design of the pins, with chamfered edges.

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      Something to note is that the unsupported base model for Hagglethorn Tower (Hagglethorn-Tower-Base-v1.3.stl from Hagglethorn Tower 1.6) does not include the pins for the tower. The supported base model includes them.

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