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If I missed the Kickstarter but buy Terrain Tinker + Clorehaven…

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      Doc Webb

      …would that give me access to all of the Clorehaven stls on this website, or only through Terrain Tinker?

      Apologies for the utterly newb nature of the question. I am very new to printing terrain in general and to Printable Scenery specifically, though I like what I’ve made so far!

      Thanks in advance for any and all information.

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      Mike Los

      No apology needed 🙂
      When you purchase the model sets on Terrain Tinker it will link to your Printable Scenery account so you should have access to the Clorehaven files off the website here, if they come up as $0.00 then you know youve got them.
      If it hasnt linked after your purchase send an email to [email protected] and they’ll sort you out.

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        Doc Webb

        Thank you so much! I’m all in on Clorehaven and veering dangerously close to grabbing the other bundles there too.

        One other question, if I may: if I’m arranging parts of buildings in Terrain Tinker, can I still print them with the OpenLock clip holes on the edges, or are they just intended to be glued together if you build them that way? Thanks in advance!

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Doc, the ports are being worked on by Terrain Tinker atm, hopefully it won’t be too far away

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        Doc Webb

        Great, thanks so much for the reply!

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