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How do I get a licence to use the OpenLOCK system commercially ?


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    I’ve made a few tiles using OpenLOCK and want to know how I go about selling them.

    I plan on selling them via a third party website and also maybe do a Kickstarter next year if people like them

    whats the law/rules on this ?

    AvatarMatt Barker

    Anyone can use these templates too make their own OpenLOCK compatible tiles and distribute them for free. These are the templates

    If you want to sell your own OpenLOCK compatible tiles, we can offer you a BSD. This license is free, exclusive, never expires, and cannot be transferred.

    You can use the OpenLOCK system for commercial purposes
    You need to use the OpenLOCK compatible logo where appropriate
    You need to show a link to where appropriate

    Please contact us if you would like a free commercial OpenLOCK licence

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