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home photography studio ideas

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      Hey guys, I’ve been messing around with taking photos of the stuff that I’ve been painting and it’s turned out to quite challenging and yet strangely enjoyable. It seems that I’ve been sucked down into a black hole filled with lighting problems, trying to figure out just when exactly is a photograph over or underexposed and trying to explain to your wife why it’s necessary to use the last of the baking paper to cover a bedside table lamp with.

      As you can see my setup is very basic (it’s been held together with blu-tack and love). my key light is a bedside table lamp as is my backlight my fill light is a bit of cardboard with some tinfoil wrapped around it.

      below is a pic of my setup and a pic of my first attempt at a proper photo using it. I’m pretty sure that the top half of the Gloomwood Eyrie is overexposed. And that it might be being caused by the big window in front of my setup and the sunlight coming through it.

      Any suggestions or tips on taking good looking photos on the cheap would greatly be appreciated. Also, I’m on the lookout for any decent youtube channels on the subject.
      The Gloomwood Eyrie is my next big project, i’m going to be doing a painting guide about it over the next few days so keep an eye out and let me know what you think.

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      Matt Barker

      This is a great video that shows you how to make a homemade a lightbox.

      To take great pictures of small objects you need soft all-around light, you should also use white lights at 5600k so they mix with daylight

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      Thanks for the help Matt Barker. that’s going to be much a better set up than the one I’m messing around with at the moment.

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      I’ve been using the AmazonBasics Portable Photos studio with great success.
      It’s a very decent sized collapsable light box. I got a couple of IKEA roller-blinds to have non-white background.

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      yeah, I spent two hours looking for stuff about photography on google. not once did I see the term ‘lightbox’ lol. think I’m going to build myself one over the weekend.

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