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Hollow prints?

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      Im sorry if this already has been answered, but are there prints which are hollow inside?
      Most of my print time goes into infill on some of the prints. Like Ironhelm walls.

      A friend of mine mentioned just printing what you can see on the model with the prusa, but im afraid it will mess up the top of the walls when it comes to the overhang.

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      Mike Los

      HI there!
      Not many prints are hollow as it would leave them quite fragile and susceptible to damage.
      When you put an STL through your slicer you can select the infill % that will determine how much goes into it. We recommend for most prints having between 10-15% infill. I personally print with a 10% infill on the vast majority of my prints.
      You would be surprised at the gaps that printers can bridge without stringing. I’ve found though that the extra time and filament is worth it compared to having prints that might break apart or fail due to being hollow or having too low of an infill.

      You could always try to print a piece hollow and see how it turns out, I’d love to hear how it goes

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      I changed to CURA isntead of Prusaslicer and now its much better

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      Nice topic, love it and I will be using the materials from the thread in my essay, so that would be great if anyone shared more information

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