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Heresy: Not priming?


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      I know this is heresy but has anyone tried NOT priming models? I have a bunch of starship parts done in matt black filament and the temptation to just drybrush some silver on and call it done is calling me. Waste of time? I’ll be painting with acrylics so they have a bit of stickiness to them.

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      Sam CampbellSam Campbell

      I would recommend priming but it’s all up to personal preference. I prefer priming myself to remove the shiny plastic feel. Though paint tends to adhere quite well to the porous surfaces that the printed models provide.

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      Army Painter does silver primer, you could always just use that, give your ships a bit of a wash afterwards just to weather them a little bit Best of both worlds.

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      I have painted directly to PLA printed models with acrylic paint and didn’t have a problem

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