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Help with magnets for Grotto tunnels and floors

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      In addition to using 3mm diameter magnets, is there any other information?
      How long should the magnets be?
      How are the magnets attached? Do they need to be glued?
      Is there a positive and negative side to the magnets, and if so do they have to be attached in a certain direction to be attached to a metal tray?
      Is there a specific web page or site to purchase a recommended magnet?
      Is there a video demonstration of how to attach the magnets?
      Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      Hey MrCMR, the most common magnet used is the Neodymium Magnets, which often are flat disc magnets. You can often pick them up from a hardware store or model store near you, or I’m sure Amazon has a bunch available. in general, the magnets shouldn’t be very long, I think 1.5mm is the standard size for a lot of them. Yes, you will need to glue them into the hole, and there is a positive and negative side to the magnets. you should use the magnets to check the polarity of the metallic sheet you wish to attach them to, and once you know which way round use a piece of metal with the same polarity to grip the magnet and push it into the hole with the glue. this way you will have it the right way round every time. Not sure about the brand but the ones I get here in NZ from the local wargaming store are by Modifx. We don’t have a bottom pins video but we do have one focused on the magnetic clips that could help:

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