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      Ages ago Games Workshop released a free template in one of their White Dwarf Magazines for a modular bunker. One of those print what you need on paper and glue to card and assemble, then paint how you want. I edited the template with graphics so I didn’t have to paint it and duplicated the pieces I wanted to make a bunker/base with 3 walkways and 4 bunkers.

      Anyway I thought it would be cool to transfer the card building to 3d print for sturdiness and survivability. The was thinking how cool it would be to use the openlock system to make it modular. Unfortunately I have no experience making 3d models.

      If anyone would either like to help me create these or would love to create them themselves, that would be wonderful.

      I am attaching the template I created.

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      Mike Los

      Thats a cool idea! The next time we make a sci-fi kickstarter we’ll definitely look at doing some sort of interconnecting bunker network

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      I’m not sure how well it turned out as I can’t test print it since my printer is down until my new x-axis motor arrives at the end of June 🙁
      And, it’s not using the open-lock system I was hoping for but my skills just aren’t very good. but I figure out how to use MS 3D Builder enough to get something put together:

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