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Half-clips for high-ceiling rooms


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      Kåre Kjær

      When you build a castle, sometimes you want a room that is two or three floors tall. When you do that, all the walls in the upper floors have these open spots for OpenLock connectors. That doesn’t look very good.

      It would be nice with some cut-in-half (and maybe an A-tile wide) openlock connectors to fill these holes. The challenge is to make them so that you can remove them again without ruining the tile itself.

      Thinking about that gave me an idea. What if – instead of these cut-in-half connectors was flat – there were some decoration on them instead?

      Examples could be torches, shields, tapestries, mirrors, pictureframes, etc. Then it could be used for decoration of these rooms.
      It should probably be made to fit tiles with one, two, three or more connector slots – and also for the F and G walls.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      these should help somewhat

      Clip Caps

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      Kåre Kjær

      Indeed – I was supporting the kickstarter and was very happy to see them coming out.

      I think it could be possible to add a bit more decoration to some of them – like shields, tapestries, etc. but even this simple ones look good.

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      We’re definitely looking at doing some more clip caps in the future as they are proving quite popular, but the tapestries is a great idea.

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      Need them to fill in the sides of walls too. Current plan is to print a magnetic style clip then file/sand off what I don’t need. This can be a bit tedious and doesn’t quite fill in all the nooks. Maybe we could just have some 3 square wide tiles? Like a 2 square door tile with the door centered on a 3 square size tile.

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