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hagglethorn barracks weird question

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      hello team,

      as im looking at my newly printed barracks i just notices that the second floor has a door with a handle outside that is unaccessible. is this a mistake or its intended to have a random door no1 can access.

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      Mike Los

      Hi Horacio,

      We like to imagine it’s for very tall people or for access outside. You’ll see in the stretch goals that there are walkways and support platforms that would give access to the door.
      It also allows you to use the barracks without the Tower Base and still have floor access from there 🙂

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      Haha as a tall guy I appreciate it. I just wanted to make sure I put the model correctly and that it wasn’t in the wrong place. Cheers and thank you for another awesome campaign!

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      Used for loading a wagon perhaps, or to access the roof.

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