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Gnarly Trees With Canopies

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      Really enjoying the trees from the Clorehaven Kickstarter so far. Figured I’d share the result and the way I painted them.

      All parts were printed on a Voron 2 in ABS using a .4mm nozzle in .2 layer height.
      After a coat of black primer the light values and highlights were established with white ink. A series of transparent yellow and green inks was used to tint the foliage. Raw umber ink and a grey was used for the trees. Airbrushing with inks is still new to me but I’m happy with the results and speed of the method.

      More pictures of the final paint job and intermediate steps:

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      Wow, they look great.

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      I am starting my first print of these. Are the canopies meant to be glued on once printed, or do they stay well enough that they could be removed to make a leafless tree without printing another base tree?

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      The canopies are meant to be glued once printed as they branches form a dome underneath.

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      Avez Marc

      Hello I bought the file, the trees are very beautiful …
      I have only one success with the file canopy 2, in spite of several attempts, my printer tears off one of the feet of the departure, result: printing impossible ….
      Please send me the PLA parameters if you have them, thank you.

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      Pedro Nascimento

      I printed all canopies using Raft as adhesion, no one has lift form bed, also I using sugar with water as glue to bed. My problem is to print the trees, the branches use a lot of retraction and some point of the print the nozzle hit the branch make the tree broken. which option you use to print, now I used 0,2mm, shell 0,8mm and speed 50mm/s.

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      Nicholas Jebson

      I use hairspray for my adhesion, tends to work alright. Sometimes i have had to change the fill or shell depth on certain sections to increase the strength of the sections.

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