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Gloomwood in the fall

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    I recently ran a one shot as a birthday gift for one of the party members. Season wise, we are in autumn in game and so I wanted a set that I could showcase the fall foliage.

    I had some trouble with the 3rd floor of the treehouse and had to re-print with the low rez window option, even then I had some of the lattice above the door fail. (I’ll add close-ups later)

    Canopies are done with Woodland Scenic’s clump foliage though I didn’t dip the trees. I spread the foam out in a thin layer and sprayed it with a heavy coat of Super77, then rolled it up like sushi and tore it off into large hunks that were much easier to glue to the trees.

    I used a couple of the Vomiting Trees for the boss encounter. I’ll try and add more photos later.

    Everything was printed in PLA on a CR-10S running TH3D firmware.

    AvatarNicholas Jebson

    Wow that really pops doesn’t it!

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